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Uniform Fetish

When a girl is dressed up as a cheerleader or a teacher, and when a guy acts like a fireman, somehow their partners are turned on. But what are those costumes that are really sexy and what are not?

Let me begin with those that turn others off. For instance, regardless of sex, if a person is dressed up like a stuffed animal or a geek, or if she or he claims to have dressed up, but the looks are rather average – telling that the person has no fantasy – are always a turn off. Men might think that if they dress up as a maid, their girlfriend would disapprove, but if they are in private, she will jump on him as soon as he pretends to clean.

Obviously, it depends on the specific girl. Some of them only fall for the manly outfits, like fireman, policemen or soldiers, but others like it when they get a nice treat, as well. However, almost any outfit looks great on a chick, unless her body is all hidden. If she wants to act like a sexy dominating goddess, then any manly outfit, a teacher or a doctor will do. They are all to lead, direct or save people seeking their services. Still, some men like to see women in submissive roles only, in which case, they should rather pick a uniform of a maid, a student or even a nurse, but that outfit can be used in both ways.

Go ahead and ask what this girl would be into!

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