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Virgin Teens

In spite of shows like Teen Mom, statistics show that teens are waiting longer before they have sex, and they also have less sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and get pregnant more rarely.

According to an online survey, almost 70% of young girls stay virgin till the age of 18. Obviously, it is also likely that those who actually lose their virginity at an earlier age, would not be online, taking quizzes. Still, Center for Disease Control has also done some research, and they have proven that while more than 50% of teens had sex between ages of 15 and 19 in 1988, it decreased to almost 40% by 2010. Syphilis rates and teen pregnancies have also reached their lowest in a decade, which are proofs that even if teens have sex, they care about protection.

Sex education has given enough information and enough courage to girls who have previously been made to have sex before they were ready, and now they are ready to say no. So now, when teens have sex, they enjoy it, and you can even expect them to have orgasms, and that they would feel no – or at least – less pain when they lose their virginity.

Now that adults do not put a ban on sex, it does not feel such a taboo or something that they feel would make them grow up. Yet, as it is allowed now, all they need to have is courage to say no and only do it when they want to. So, even if it might be bad news for some of you – since there is less chance to have sex with a teen – but if you can actually sleep with a young girl, you can be more and more sure that she is ready.

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