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Voyeurism and Pictophilia

We might try to negate the existence of voyeurism, or we might say that it is a rare fetish, just like pictophilia, but if we were right then porn industry as such would not exist. Both men and women are bombarded with sexually arousing pictures every day. So even though the popular concept only states that men are turned on by visual stimuli, and women by words, we must stop for a moment and think about a woman who is looking at a hot man. She is just as horny as a man looking at a sexy babe.

So, we can state that most of us have a voyeur or a pictophile inside us. We enjoy peeking into other people's lives – hence the popularity of reality shows – and even if we get to watch them in a video or on a picture that is socially stigmatized as being private, then we feel a kind of satisfaction, since we feel that we know or have seen something that others do not or have not.

This is why no woman or man should take it personally if their partner is watching pornographic material on the Internet or in magazines, since these people are turned on by simply watching those pictures or videos. One possible solution can be to take such pictures of ourselves for our partner, but we should be extremely careful in the era of Internet communication, if we do not want to be victims of money-hungry photographers. Another solution may be to join him or her while watching them, but it often takes the excitement of the activity away.

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