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Watch Out!

 If you have ever been hurt during sex, or if you afraid you ever would, then we have a few tips that will help you watch out for these ahead, before they would lead to any injuries.

The most common source of danger while making love is if you choose to do it on a chair. It is very sexy, especially if one of you has just used it as a prop for dancing. But not all of them are massive enough to hold your weight. It is pretty hard to find a couple that weighs less than a 100 kilograms or 220 pounds altogether. So, if the chair is old, weak, or unstable, then head for the winged chair or the sofa instead. The same should be said about a desk or a table, as well.

Or let me continue with furniture that can be dangerous due to its softness. When a woman is riding her guy, and she is solely using her legs to keep her balance it is very likely lose that balance and get a few injured tendons and/or even muscles.

But there are not even need for props to be in danger. If you are a fan of standing positions, you are not only brave, but you might also think yourself a lot stronger than you actually are. And in case of standing positions, it matters a lot. Not only the man, but also the woman needs physical power if the do not want to end up in a hospital with broken extremities or hips.

So, have fun, but watch out for the dangers!

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