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Ways to Express Dominance

Although you might have thought dominance can only be expressed with leather and chains, there are various other ways, as well. Beware, some of these might be disgusting, so do not read on if you easily get sick.

The first and foremost method that comes to your mind is probably force. It can either mean spanking, or usage of canes, floggers and the like, or by tying up someone in various ways. These methods will lead to pain, and it is an easy way to control the submissive, since punishing with force is one of the worst, for sure.

But it is not the most humiliating. A sub can also be punished with various body fluids, from spitting into his or her mouth to pissing all over him or her – even including the mouth – or in the most perverted cases, squirting milk out of the dom's anus over the sub's body. I told you not to read on if you are not ready to read about anything disgusting.

Still, some of them are much lighter from this aspect, even though they give a harsh pain. For instance, if one uses hot candle wax – it might sound romantic, but it really feels as if the skin was burning – or electronic stimulation, these will also lead to a kind of pain that is different from the one given by force.

To a certain extent, all of them are fun. Try them with this model!

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