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What Not to Do in Bed?

Men think that women are complicated and hard to follow, but in fact, they are even simpler as men. The only difference is that they communicate their needs in a different way. They either do not dare to tell you their exact needs or they get there from an emotional point of view. Simply put, all they want is to have a partner who pays attention to their needs and who treats them as normal people.

So, when you have sex with her – regardless if you watch porn together or not – make sure that you do what she likes. Pay attention to her needs. Women might be into hardcore sex, but not all the time. It does not mean that they needs hearts and flowers every time they sleep with you either, but they want something in between. So you should never give yourself the luxury of taking a woman as an inflatable doll with a mouth, vagina and anus. They are a part of the intercourse, as well, so treat them as such... at all times. If they give you their best, then you should appreciate their efforts. And if you expect them to give you oral sex, then return it, as well.

Some women might be submissive and other are rather dominant, but an average person usually prefers if both of you are satisfied in the end, so it does not only mean you. So, regardless of the situation, you should never expect them to do all the work, unless she expects you to do it other times. Just like in all fields of life, balance is the key to happiness in bed, as well.

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