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What to Do in Bed?

If you are bothered that you are not always sure that your girlfriend enjoys the action, then follow our simple pieces of advice to satisfy her as fully as she needs.

First of all, you need to pay attention to the foreplay. A woman needs more time to be turned on than men. They need to feel relaxed and if you do not want to waste time on physical foreplay, then you need to set her mind to the mood. If she wants to have sex, then her vagina will be lubricated enough for penetration. This is what you need to reach.

You can either fondle or kiss her erogenous zones from head to toe – touching the nape of her neck, the shoulders, her back along the spine, her side, her inner thighs, her ankles and her tits – before you would concentrate on her privates. Yet, if you give her time of expectation, then she will be horny by the time you kiss her lips first, so this might even be easier for you. Here, timing is the key, since you need to give her a hint of what you are planning to do with her later, so you should sext her a couple of hours before you know you would meet her. Her attention should not be diverted, though, so if you know she works a lot before she would finish work or if she is occupied otherwise, then try to text her after those duties or errands.

So, by the time you two start to take off your clothes, all you have left to do is pay attention to her needs in bed.

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