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What Women Are Looking For

If you are wondering why women are avoiding you, then here are a few tips as for what to change. As you can only get things you never had if you do things you have never done. The first is that you should stop thinking it is because you do not have enough money. It is a common misconception that girls like boys for their money. No doubt that some of them really do, but most of them look for something more in guys. I would suggest that you should watch the movie “Crazy. Stupid. Love.” if you really want to know what women want, and who they think a real man is. The husband and father does not get a new job or win the lottery, he simply starts wearing clothes of his size, he pays attention to his looks and he has more self-confidence. This is what is needed to win most girls.

Obviously, you also need to have either a good sense of humor, brains or even manners. It has nothing to do with money. Maybe you are thinking that hot clothes cost a lot, but it is not necessarily so. What matters is style and confidence, not money. Still, if it is only money that can make you feel confident, then you should not blame the girls why they do not see anything in you. If you are yourself, you might be rejected a couple of times, but it is the only way to find who you want. If you want to get girls with your money then do not be surprised if they expect you to keep on wasting a fortune on them.

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