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What Women Want

Women keep on complaining that they need more time to be turned on, while all men care about is the action. So, what do they need to be horny by the time we want to get laid? Unfortunately, the whole process might start in the morning.

If you let her know how beautiful she is, then you can be sure that you have a better chance at having sex in the evening. But when you say it, it needs to sound easy to believe. So, if you are a romantic type otherwise, then you can say it explicitly, but if you even find it hard to notice if she has a new haircut, then you should ask something like if she has already put on makeup. When she asks back – and believe me, she will – then you can mention that she looks as beautiful as last night. This will work for sure, unless she has a really bad day, so you would not have any chance anyway.

During the day, send her a mysterious message, when she has not chance to react to it, so she will be horny until she comes home. Text her around when she arrives at the office, or about the end of lunch break, to wish her a great day and to tell her that something hot will wait for her at home. She should have no time to answer, or even if she does, do not reply.

So, by the time she comes home, the actual foreplay – kissing her neck, shoulders, inner arms, tits, lower tummy, inner thighs, the back of the knees and ankles, or even the toes – may not even be needed.

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