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Why to Be Monogamous?

You might wonder what can be better than having sex with a different partner every time? How about having your deepest sexual desires come true?

If you are in an honest relationship, so you can trust your partner and you feel free to talk about everything with him or her, then all you need is a trigger that starts a conversation about what you dream about in bed. This trigger can be a mommy porn book – like novels by E. L. James or Sylvia Day – or a glass of wine with a steamy movie on TV – like Eyes Wide Shut or Basic Instinct – or even a sexy dream that either of you had the previous night.

The key before the first conversation is to drink a little. Do not get drunk, but you should let go of your inhibitions to be able to talk about or to show your honest desires with porn, and also to react to your partner's ideas.

If you are still afraid that your partner might think you are perverted, then start with slight versions. For instance, if you would like to try a threesome, then start with action with fingers or toys. If you would like to try BDSM, then start with spanking his or her butt during the action. You will get to your dreams sooner or later. But if you do not dare to mention them, then your sex life is doomed already. Be brave and risk talking about your ideas before it would be too late.

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