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Why to Have Sex?

Even though there is usually no need for a reason to have sex, you might need some to convince your partner, for instance. So, even is he or she is not interested in pleasure itself, you can list quite a few reasons why sex will be good for both of you.

It might be a widely known fact that sex lowers stress – with the hormones it triggers and the pleasant exhaustion after that – but it also lowers blood pressure, especially in the morning. So, if either of you suffers from high blood pressure, than frequent sex can replace medications.

The more often you have sex the higher the levels of oxytocin will be in your body. This is the hormone that gives you the feeling of belonging somewhere or to somebody, so this is why having sex every day can indeed solve the problems in a relationship.

The level of endorphin – bliss hormone – also affects your body. Researches have shown that happy people have stronger immune system than the others. You can boost your immune system with watching comedies, as well, but sex is a lot better way, right? And since a strong body leads to a healthy life, you can also expect to live longer if you have sex at least twice a week.

Satisfaction and happiness is reflected on our skin and in our eyes, so if we have have a lot of sex, then we will look attractive. Not only our body will be hotter, but our confidence and attitude to life, as well.

Enjoy the pleasant effects alone or with your partner!

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