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Why to Use Safewords

What are safewords? Why do we need them? And is their usage really safe? Do they show how far a couple can go and can they help you experience immense pleasure? Read on for the answers.

Safewords are words that are not normally used during sex, unless one of the partners is in pain or uncomfortable with the situation. Still, they should never be weird words just because they are never said in bed. If you heard “unicorn” or “zombie,” for instance, you would burst out laughing and lose the mood. This is why colors, elements or tools are the best picks, but feel free to use your imagination.

We need them to set the limits during sex, so their use requires trust from the person in the role of a sub and of the dom, as well. The sub needs to express his or her discomfort, and the dom needs to take it as an immediate urge to stop the action. So, if both partners can be trusted, then these words can guarantee safe sex even if it is hardcore. This is exactly why more and more people use them when they decide to experiment with their limits.

With safewords, there is no need to worry if you hurt or get hurt either physically or emotionally, since you always get more and more extreme gradually, and as soon as a safeword is said, you do not go on, and both of you get only the pleasure and not the pain.

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