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Women and Men, Venus and Mars

Are men from Mars and women from Venus for real? Are they really so different that they are like two separate planets? Or are they from Earth because they are similar? A recent study aimed to find out what these differences really are.

Obviously, there are visual signs of a person's sex – unless they are transgender, but it is a totally different topic – a man has male sexual organs, low voice and facial hair, while women have breasts and female sexual organs. Different organs produce different hormones, as well. But does it mean that their entire being is different?

The University of Rochester has recently published a study of 13000 people, whose more than hundred traits were analyzed. They found that their biological sex basically affects their weight, circumference of arms, shoulders, waist and hip on their body, and behavior, sexual attitude, intimacy, empathy and attitude to success are affected in their way of thinking. Their hobbies were also found different in a stereotypical way, but this is all.

Their characteristics are not basically different, since there are emphatic men and aggressive women, as well. Then why do have still have roles to play in life? Because we all enjoy drama, and these roles serve as the perfect base for that, and also as perfect excuses when we are not in the mood to do anything. But if we start to see that gender or sex is a trait just like race or weight, then more people can live a happy and satisfying private and professional life.

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