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Women's Fantasies

Not only men have fantasies that they do not talk about. Women also fantasize about wild, kinky and sometimes weird sex, and this article has been written to tell you about the most common ones.

Probably the fantasy that more women have than men is the romantic sex. Here, their partner pays more attention to their body and soul, as well. Their partner gives them some pleasant time as they are pampering their body.

This is also why women also like the fantasy of having sex with a girl. Since they always follow their instincts to pamper each other, a girl-on-girl action, or even the thought of it can give them relief and excitement at the same time.

As the other extreme, women also tend to think about being dominated. They like to have a man with strength and power that is enough to do anything they want in bed. If it only means blindfolding or restraints, or if they pretend to have forced sex, or if they use a camera to feel that they are being watched. Still, they might also enjoy group-sex with either women or men, at least in their fantasy.

However, on the other end, they also like to think about dominating their partner, or being the bad girl. Let their mind wander, and help them to relax, and you will get the boost in your sex life that you have been dreaming about. Let go of your inhibitions and talk about your sexual fantasies with your partner for a better sex life!

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