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Your Job and Your Sex Life

When you think about your career, you know that there are certain rules you need to follow to keep your job. However, you usually do not think about your partner with this mindset. How come that once we get a job, we want to develop our position and ourselves, but when we are in a relationship we do not care so much?

When you have a meeting, you are never absent and never even dare to be late. Then why are you late for a family dinner or for even a date? If you are punctual in your relationship, you are almost 70 percent more likely to stay together.

You know how to schedule your workday. If you are working on a project, you devote time to finish it at home if necessary. Why it is so hard then to spare time for a date night? Schedule at least ten minutes a day when you and your partner are only talking, and not doing something else. You should not watch TV or surf the Internet. Music, a glass of wine, or even some cooking is okay, as long as it does not divert your attention from each other.

When you have to talk with a jerk at your workplace, you do not lose your temper, do you? You do not shout with a customer or pick a fight with him or her just because you are pissed off. Then why would you do it with your partner?

Would you ever dare to go to your workplace in sweatpants, or in the way you have got out of bed? Then you should give it to your partner, as well. Just because you are a couple, no woman should forget to put on makeup, and no man should always put on sweatpants and expose a big belly.

If you respect your colleagues, and keep these rules, then your partner deserves the same.

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