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What is it about teens? Why do we love them so much? Is it their innocence? Maybe it was the case a few decades ago, but not anymore. Or is it their energy? Or their willingness to learn and do anything for a more experienced man? Probably these all are mixed up and they make us like them so much. They make us feel young and they love to please us. They are not demanding, and yet, they still get what they want because they deserve it. The only thing that you should keep in mind about them is that they are hurt a lot more easily than the mature women, since their emotions and self-confidence are not stable yet, and they are not aware of their values. This trait of theirs is what lets them do crazy things and what makes them a lot more submissive than the older girls, who are fully aware of who they are. Yet, the teens have this ambiguous and mysterious trait that you can never know what you can expect them. They are as impulsive as you were at their age, and they still like to experiment and to try their limits, but you can never know when they are in this mood. This is why there is the opportunity to find out about their mood in the free chat, and only visit their private room when you are sure that the teen who you have picked is ready to do anything that you are interested in. Now go ahead and have fun!

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