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When two plus one are in the same room, then the action is usually hardcore or sensual, depending the ratio of sexes. For instance, if there are two guys with one girl, then simple or double blowjob is as likely to be seen as a double penetration, or even a double vaginal or double anal action. Girls in these groups are usually daring and they love to feel two cocks inside them at the same time. They enjoy being pleased in two different ways simultaneously, and they love to mediate between two different speed of penetration. It does not matter if one cock is filling their mouth, these girls cannot stay silent, since they enjoy sex so much that not moaning is a mission impossible for them. Yet, a threesome can contain two women, as well. In this case, the lucky guy gets to fuck two women, which means two pussies, assholes and mouths. Just imagine how hardcore actions you get to see here! Or, if you are rather for the sensual pleasures, then let me ask you this: would it be hot to have two women suck your cock at the same time, or have one of them play with your balls while the other one is going on with the blowjob? If it would, then you should check out our threesomes, since they are ready for anything, be it sensual or hardcore, there is nothing you cannot get from them! Go ahead and pick a room in which you would be happy to join!

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